About the company


LIGNA Sp.z o.o. was established in 1992 and is located in Poland, Olewin 50L 32-300 in Olkusz. LIGNA produces waste containers in metal from 5 up to 45 m³, storage containers, specialized and tailor-made containers, special solutions for fire department and civil protection, containers with side doors, press containers, stationary press, mono blocks, fixed loading ramps and tippers for fixing on trucks, leak trays, container sled, stackable palettes etc. Besides containers manufacture, LIGNA offers service for adjustments, repair, sand blasting and repaint of the containers.

LIGNA has a large production hall of 4000 m² to its disposal, a motivated sales team, people with technical background and a creative drawing team.

We have more than 20 years experience and offer excellent price/quality ratio. All our products comply with the mandatory CE norms.

Production hall

The total business area takes up around 20.000 m², of which approximately 4000 m² is used for production and office space. In the production area there is a brand new varnish street and sand – and steel blasting cabin. We use twenty half-automatic water cooled welders, bending machines, one of 8000 mm, cutting bench, pivot machine, belt saws, drills, hydraulic press etc.


LIGNA has its own development office with three certified autocad draftsmen who are responsible for design and make of the construction drawings of the containers.

For the careful preparation of these technical drawings they use highly modern computers with adjusted software. Moreover, they are customer oriented and cooperate closely with the sales team.